Zeniq has been created with the objective of bringing award winning design, simple-to-use high tech and high end quality products to consumers.

Designed by world renowned designers, our products represent a level of quality, fit and finish unique in their price range. Every Zeniq product is manufactured under the strictest quality control where the attention to detail is vital.

Being passionate about design, sound, function and quality, we are building products for enthusiasts.

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Architect & Designer


The Utzon family name made its mark on the world map when the legendary architect Jørn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House in 1957.

Since then, the family has followed suit with award winning industrial and architectural design icons. The elegant work aesthetics of Jeppe Utzon’s are the result of careful consideration of material and functionality, along with an acute awareness to enhance the experience of the user, which blends perfectly with Zeniq’s objective to create simple, yet functional and high quality products.

This collaboration has enabled Zeniq to present a unique product in every aspect of design and functionality, giving the user an exclusive item to be remembered for generations.