DAB+ 300

DAB+ 300
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The Robio MIni is the new addition to the Robio family. We could drop a few adjectives, such as compact, portable, great and clean sound, but we don’t like to be categorized fit into only a few sentences. We invite you to test it yourself and come out with your own description of the amazing sound this compact radio brings.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream your favorite music or listen to internet radio from your smartphone or computer. Robio’s high-end Bluetooth module provides easy connection and no fallouts.


Robio’s Mini best feature is undoubtedly its customised 2″ full range 5W speaker. Specially designed to fit Robio’s unique shape, it offers the listener crisp and crystal clear sound.

As easy as ABC

No complex set up or navigation. Welcome to the 3 knob system. Including a timer for kitchen use, alarm function and 20 preset stations.

DAB and FM Compatible

Zeniq’s Robio Mini has a built in FM tuner with RDS and is of course also compatible with the current DAB and DAB+


The built-in battery lets you enjoy your music for up to 12 hours -everywhere you go.


With our newly developed Zound-IQ® controller are we able to delivery a clear, crisp and balanced sound at any level with any type of music or podcast. Just enjoy your radio!

Straight to the point…

Having in mind that Zeniq’s products are manufactured under the strictest quality control where the attention to detail is vital, we present below the bare bones of our product for your information.


DAB, DAB+, FM and Bluetooth 3.0


DC input

Audio Power


Drive Units

2” custom full range NEO driver

Acustic Performance

The Robio DAB+ presents an Audio Frequency Responds of 90Hz~20KHz


Robio Mini DAB+ 300 is made with materials that enhance the product performance. Made of high end ABS with a thick rubber coating is the density high to push sound performance.


Height: XX cm, Width: XX cm, Depth: XXX cm Weight: ~ XX kg


DC input: 6V+_5%@1A Exchangeable Battery Pack 2400mHa 7.4V battery

Price: $0.00

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