FM 150 (BT)

FM 150 (BT)
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Tune in to ZENIQ’s Robio FM radio and bluetooth with clear sound reception. The retro design combined with new age technology, will let you listen to FM radio in a fashionable manner.

Refresh your radio listening experience with the new Zeniq Robio Jukebox

FM Radio

Zeniq’s Robio FM Radio has a built in FM tuner with RDS.

AUX in

Connect any of your other digital media such as MP3 and CD players and use the Robio’s supreme speaker to enjoy your music anywhere.

Full range HIFI Speaker

Robio’s utmost best and most measurable quality is the 3” full range 15W speaker. It provides any listener with a crisp clear sound. Specially developed to match Robio’s shape.

Easy control – 1 - 2 - 3

No complex set up or navigation. Welcome to the 3 knob system. Including a timer for kitchen use, alarm function and 20 preset stations.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream your favorite music or internet-radio from your smartphone or computer. Robio’s high-end Bluetooth module will ensure easy connection and no fallouts.

Straight to the point…

Having in mind that Zeniq’s products are manufactured under the strictest quality control where the attention to detail is vital, we present below the bare bones of our product for your information.


FM Tuner with RDS


3.5-mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound.

Audio Power

15 W

Drive Units

3” custom high-fidelity drive unit

Acustic Performance


Robio FM is made with materials that enhance the product performance; our casing is presented in a high end piano finish in assorted cool colors, with small details that complement the overall product.


Height: 21 cm, Width: 12 cm, Depth: 15.60 cm Weight: ~ 1.8 kg


AC input: 100~240V, DC input: 12V±5%@1.5A

Price: $0.00

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